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  • Heinz Grünwald
    Heinz Grünwald
    Global Marketing Advsior

    Grünwald is a world renowned marketer and an advanced crypto advisor and investor. With more than 12 years of experience in digital marketing Grünwald has become an expert at driving growth in any business, especially in blockchain related ventures. Grünwald is the founder of several companies including New Challenge.

  • Kenji Cheung
    Kenji Cheung
    Asian Market Advisor

    Cheung is an entrepreneur, founder and renowned crypto investment advisor. He co-founded and launched two successful companies; Space Capital Group Limited and Crypto28. Prior to that he mastered the financial industry through high ranked jobs for close to a decade. Cheung is considered one of the top advisors for the blockchain industry.

EO Group Management
Our team of 100+ professionals in six countries single-handedly developed and lead ExpertOption to success. Our years of experience in the industry but also with each other will only lead to great results. 

Ivan Opria


Ivan Opriya is the CEO of the EO Group and the mastermind behind the ExpertOption brand. His vision lead to the award winning platform with millions of clients and his vision is leading the creation of the EO ecosystem. 

  • Ivan Dashkevich

    Ivan Dashkevich

    Chief TECHNICAL officer

    Ivan Dashkevich is the technical leader at ExpertOption and the EO platforms. He has more than 5 years experience of building and leading effective development teams (up to 50 developers). He developed successful proven high load projects with multi-million daily active audience. He is also a crypto expert with more than 3 years of experience in blockchain.

  • Vladimir Arsenev

    Vladimir Arsenev

    Chief marketing officer

    Vladimir Arsenev is the marketing leader at ExpertOption and EO. He is one of the brightest minds in marketing who helped turn ExpertOption into one of the biggest fintech platforms on the market.  His savvy technical knowledge combined with his natural creative instinct  has lead to measurable results which prove his abilities.

  • Dmitrij Nikitin

    Dmitrij Nikitin

    Head of customer CARE

    Dmitrij Nikitin leads the EO customer care team and overlooks support quality and customer satisfaction at all stages of the process. He has a history in the investment banking industry and excels in many sectors. His vast knowledge enables him to combine knowledge from all the departments to handle all customer queries. Dimitrij lead the ExpertOption team to handle more than 8 million traders and will do the same for EO.

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